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3 ecological accessories for camping

Camping is a very healthy practice, and more so if it’s done respecting the environment. That’s why we introduce you to some ecological items for your camping experience.

USB charger-stove: Biolite offers us a stove that won’t leave you cold. It allows you to cook with fire and, at the same time, charge your gadgets with renewable energy from sticks picked up from the forest soil.

Estufa ecológica camping Biolite

Sun lamp: the Bear torch runs on sun energy or dynamo, giving a warm white light. You can also charge it in the car or with power supply.Lámpatra solar para camping

Portable sun oven Sun Over: perfect for cooking roasts, stews or other foods requiring slow cooking. It only weights 9,5 kilos. Easy to put together and transport, and it could also work as an ecological add on to the camping gas. You can buy it here.

Horno solar para ir de camping

We hope you’ve found them of interest. Would you try any of them? We will continue presenting you more environmentally friendly camping products 🙂

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