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4 advices to prevent being cold when you go camping

It can be an adventure and a fun experience going to the campsite in autumn or winter, but the danger of not having the appropriate equipment must be taken into account.

That is why today in Camping Mas Nou we want to give you 4 advices to prevent being cold when going to the campsite and, at the same time, make your holidays more comfortable.

1. Wearing dry and appropriate clothing

It is necessary to wear the appropriate clothing to protect you from low temperatures when you spend some days in a campsite. Materials such as the polypropylene or the wool are the best option, as well as wearing more pieces of clothing to reach a better isolation. It is important to avoid sitting down on the floor, because the humidity can be filtered in your clothes. Or, in the event that you want to do activities with water or snow, it will be necessary to wear waterproof clothing, to avoid feeling the humidity.

2. To keep hydrated

It seems strange to be worried about staying hydrated when the weather is so cold, but the hydration is a problem in winter and in summer. We have to drink water constantly, even thought we think we are not sweating. High-carbohydrates food is the best option to keep the hydration and the warmth.

3. Sleep without humidity

In autumn and winter the humidity increases and the probability to become cold is higher. That is why we advise you to sleep wearing dry clothing and without dampness in your hair. Use adequate equipment in the night because it is the coldest moment of the day.

4. Avoid sleeping directly on the floor

It is recommended to put a mat under your sleeping bag. In that way, the isolation of the sleeping bag will be easier. If you do not have a mat you can use some cardboard sheets.
The most appropriated tends are the igloo ones, because its structure isolates you from the wind and the snow.

And here we finish explaining how to manage a holiday in the campsite with a cold weather. We only want to deserve you a good trip and we hope you share your experience with us.

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