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4 charming spots on Castelló d’Empúries

Today we want to talk to you about 4 charming spots in the town of Castelló d’Empúries, the town of Camping Mas Nou, a place full of charm, history and tradition. In many occasions we’ve talked to you about the nice places in Castelló, but today we want you to discover four special and inspiring spots to visit with your family and friends.

portalgallarda1. GALLARDA GATE

It was the fortified entrance of Castelló d’Empúries. It’s located at the base of a rectangular gothic tower above el rec del Molí, which takes benefit of the old pit in the medieval walls of the town.



Built in the XIX Century, it still has elements of the San Francesc convent, which has already disappeared. We can observe the toscan columns surrounding it, and the porticos all around the washing sink. There’s a fountain in the middle.


torre-carlista3. CARLINA TOWER

It’s a cilindric tower with battlements and loopholes. It was built by the “Regimiento de Toledo” in the second half of the XIX century, right at the entrance of Castelló. The purpose of the tower was to defend the town against Carlists.


puente-viejo4. THE OLD BRIDGE

The Old Bridge, which was originally called Pont Major or Pont Nou, can be found near the old neighbourhood of San Marc, on the Muga. It has been repaired on several occasions and times, as it has suffered many incidents due to time, wars and floods.


Even if we tell you about them, the best you can do is get to discover this charming spots in Castelló by yourself. Let us know what you think about it once you have visited it!

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