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5 Games to enjoy camping with your family

It won’t be long until the beginning of the  newcamping season, and that’s why from Càmping Mas Nou we want to suggest you 5 outdoor games to make sure you have a good time filled with laughter.

sandiaWater melon game: Make two groups, each one will have a chair 10 metres away with slices of water melon on it. Every participant will run the distance and eat for 10 seconds the slices of water melon. When all the participants have completed the game, the team with less water melon left on the chair wins.

 Captura de pantalla 2013-03-19 a las 11.59.32Take off the dragon’s tail: Make two groups and form two lines. The first one of each line will be the head of the dragon and the last one should put a tissue as a tail. The head of the dragon has to try to take off the tail of the other dragon, the team with two tails win. 

714791_34048665Bitterness Street: Make two teams, the first one will make sticks with a rolled newspaper, the second group will hitch balloons in their clothes. The first group forms a line and hits the balloons with the newspaper to explote them. When the last member of the second group has passed the Bitterness Street each group will exchange the roles. The team with more ballons wins.

file4811233877913Socks off: Make a circle with adhesive tape. Everyone enters the circle without shoes, just socks. The game consists of taking everybody else’s socks off. If you lose your socks or a part of your body gets out the circle, you lose. The last one inside the circle wins.

IMG_0027Neighbours leakage: A member of each team will lay on the floor with an empty water bottle on the forehead. The other members of the group will be  5 metres far from the bottle and will have to fill it with a spoon full of water, carrying it with their mouths. The team with more water inside the bottle once the game is over, wins.

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