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5 home-made remedies to fight the mosquitoes

The mosquitoes can be an irritant company for the campers, but with the correct remedies we can keep them away from our caravan. From Camping Mas Nou we suggest you 5 easy remedies to repel this annoying insects:

#1 Eucalyptus oil:


The eucalyptus oil is a strong repellent, you just need a few drops in a diffuser with water and it will keep the mosquitoes away. Mix the some drops with moisturizing cream or with the shampoo to have the effect in our body.

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#2 Candles and incense:


There are different types of incense, and special candles to repel the mosquitoes. The almarosa, citronella and lemon are very effective against the mosquitoes.

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#3 Anti mosquitoes bottle:

bottle-of-water It’s a hand-made trap very useful to catch these arthropods. To build it we have to cut the neck of a water bottle, pour 20cl of hot water with 50g of sugar, sprinkle 1g of leavening, turn over the neck and put it as a cap. There will be a small entrance to the liquid and the mosquitoes will be trapped.

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#4 Mosquito net:

mosquiteraSpecially suitable for kids and babies. If we don’t have anything to make a hand-made remedy, it’ss the better option to protect us without using chemical products.

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#5 Prevention:

And finally, be careful and avoid leaving glasses with liquids or open bottles. Don’t use cosmetics with a strong smell because it attracts them.

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Do you know another trick to keep the mosquitoes away? Share it with us in the comments box as it can be useful for other campers too.

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