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5 tips to prepare and store food for camping

Preparing and storing food is something essential when it comes to fully enjoying our stay at a campsite or during our camping trips. We recommend you to follow these simple steps to prevent possible indigestions, sicknesses or other unexpected events.

1. Hot&Cold

It’s very important to keep the food at the right temperature and avoid sudden and big changes in temperature. This will prevent the bacteria responsible for food rotting from start acting earlier than expected. Cold food requires especial attention. Use portable fridges, ice bags or coolers. Keeping these refrigerators away from direct sun light is a must.

2. The Tetris Technique

Don’t forget to have all your food inside hermetic containers to avoid unpleasant “accidents” with the juices and dressings they contain. This will also prevent from undesired visits by insects or wild little animals caused by the smell. Regarding storage, the best tip for storing food is putting the food you’re goint to eat earlier at an easy reach, and the rest at the bottom, fitting them like Tetris.

3. Clean it

Keep the areas where your prepare your food free from garbage. Make sure you have access to drinking water which you can drink or use to wash the surfaces and tools that are going to get in touch with food. If you’re not at a campsite, it may be a good idea to take bottled water with you or gadgets to purify water from rivers or little lakes.

4. Be prepared

Think carefully which things are you going to need to cook at the campsite and also prepare the equipment you’re going to need with enough time. You don’t know that to eat or cook while camping? Then we suggest you read this article about which is the best food to take away, how to preserve them, and which ones are better to be left at home.

5. Fire

Be careful with the fire in woods and vegetation areas. Any spark or not properly put out can mean serious damage to the environment. Don’t forget to get rid of the ashes and prevent them from speading with the wind.

As always, we wish these tips have been helpful and we hope to hear from you soon at Camping Mas Nou!

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