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6 Camping accessories for dogs

Dog is the man’s best friend and it’s also a good travelling companion when we go camping.  Like us, it needs accessories for making its trip safer and more comfortable. Here we list some of them that you may find interesting.

  • Portable feeder and drinker:
    A nylon resistant bag to provide drinking water and food to our dog. It’s light and easy to fold for the transportation or storage. It’s made of a material which allows you to clean and dry easily.
  • Roll bed:
    This roll bed, with a comfortable surface, will insulate your dog from the floor. It’s very resistant and easy to clean and carry (it only weighs 400g). Perfect for backpackers!
  • Tent:
    This tent is made of waterproof nylon to protect the dog when camping. It’s easy to mount and clean.
  • Sleeping bag:
    If at home your dog sleeps at the foot of your bed, you will love this sleeping bag. And everybody will sleep warmly! www.barkerbag.comsaco-dormir-perro
  • Drinker and portable bottle:
    In order to ensure your dog has access to clean drinking water, this light drinker dispenser is easy to transport thanks to its harness.
  • Trailer for bike:
    Sometimes camping and cycling go together and surely your pet will enjoy to join you with this trailer. It’s made of nylon, with a light metal structure and for dogs which weight up to 30 kg. It’s equipped with reflective bands, protection against rain, a cushioned surface…

We hope you find this chosen accessories useful for your pet. Which do you like the most?

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