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6 Christmas gifts for campers

Christmas is coming, that’s why we bring you this list with 6 surprising gifts that will make the delights of camping and nature lovers. 6 fun, original and handy ideas that you can find at Awesome Inventions. Perfect as gifts… or to add to your wish list!



“Beware of the crocodile!”. Keep calm, there is no danger an no need to worry with this sleeping bag which will keep you warm on the coldest nights. The kids will surely love this  Alligator Sleeping Bag.



There’s no need anymore to keep your beard or to get your scarf up to your nose to avoid getting cold during your winter trips thanks to  Beardo, a beanie which will keep your ears warm while its attachable beard also protects your cheeks.


 Save space

Are you camping with the whole family and there is not enough space? That’s a problem you get solved with the  Camping Bunk Beds, a comfortable bunk bed system that allows you to get full advantage of your tents’ or vans’ inside space for group trips.


¡Boing, boing!

The youngest ones always have a great time during the camping holidays. They never get bored, and even less so if they haver their Bumper Balls. Hours of jumping and fun are waiting ahead for the summer with this amazing gift.


Hang with your friends

Now it’s very easy to “hang” with your friends with the Cocoon Chair. Thanks to this special chair, those of you who are not very friends with bugs on the ground will be able to rest hanging directly from the trees. It is available in many colours!


Batteries charged!

You will never run out of battery on you cell phone during your trips thanks to the Emergency Charger. With its small size and how easy it is to carry it on your bag or your pocket, you will be able to charge your mobile’s batery without any plugs around.

¿Have you chosen your favourite one?  We are sure most of them will prove very useful during your family trips, and also during your stay at  Cámping Mas Nou.























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