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6 symbols to understand recycling

Over the last decades society has become more aware of the need and importance of giving a better treatment to our planet and taking care of our environment. In Càmping Mas Nou we defend sustainable tourism, that’s why today we bring you the 6 more common symbols of recycling, to help you understand recycling a little bit more.

#1 Mobius loop:

reciclaje-mobiusThis famous symbol informs that the packaging of this product has been made with recycled materials. If we find out a percentage inside the symbol, this means the quantity of recycled material the package contains.

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#2 Green Point:


The Green Point symbol gives credit that the packing company meets the requirements of the residue laws. This means that, once it has become a remain, the package will be recycled.

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#3 Glass:


The glass is a material with an unlimited recycling ability, for that reason is very important to always throw it to the green container. If we find this symbol in a package it means that it’s 100% recyclable.

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#4 Paper:


Paper recycling is very important to fight against deforestation, a problem that affects global warming directly. This symbol means that the product is made of 100% recyclable paper, we must put it in the blue containers.

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#5 Plastic PET:


The plastics are the most difficult materials to recycle so that’s why there are different symbols for these materials. The triangle can have from the number 1 to 7 inside depending on the kind of plastic. The plastics 2, 4 and 5 are the safest plastics. Otherwise the 1, 3, 6 and 7 could be toxic;  and we should avoid them when possible. Remember all plastics go to the yellow container.

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#6 Electronic trash:


Recycling electronic trash is very complex. Electronic devices are made of different materials and pieces, so it’s necessary to bring them to the Green Points specially made for this kind of garbage.

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From Càmping Mas Nou we encourage you to practice a responsible and sustainable tourism during your stay at our installations and everywhere else you choose as your destination. Together we can make a greener planet!

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