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6 tips about what to bring when camping

Planning a trip or a holiday it’s always something fun and exciting. But it’s also true that sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to bring with us, especially if we have to pack lots of things.

At Càmping Mas Nou we’d like to make it easier for you. If you’re planning on going camping, we recommend you to bear these tips in mind to avoid missing anything necessary and just focus on enjoying your trip.

  1. Must have items: sleeping bag, tent (with all its accessories such as the stakes), anti-mosquito products (especially on summer), folding chairs and table, first aid kid, rubbish bags, lanterns or lamps and some plastic to cover yourselves in case of heavy rain.
  2. Some useful  things: an utility knife, sun cream, ropes and grips to hang up the washing, maps, a compass or GPS, a lighter and a bottle opener.
  3. If you’re going to cook also remember to bring with you a portable fridge, a gas cooker, cooking utensils (pans, spoons, forks…), kitchen paper, and obviously, the food you’re going to cook.
  4. When it comes to cleaning and hygiene, don’t forget soap, shampoo, sandals, towels and toilet paper.
  5. How to correctly choose your clothes? Consider the activities you’re planning to do while camping. Don’t forget that Costa Brava has a great range of activities, both mountain and sea ones. If you’re going on a mountain excursion be sure to have a bag and comfortable clothes and shoes with you, whereas if you’re going to the beach, don’t forget the swimsuit, the towel and the sun umbrella.
  6. Be sure to prepare your vehicle if you’re going on a long trip. Here are some tips specifically for the car and the caravan.

Try not to forget anything and have a nice and save trip!

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