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7 tips for camping in the rain

Sometimes we can’t prevent that rain disturbs our camping day. So pay attention to our advices:

1. The tent

When we prepare our baggage, we must ensure that the tent is totally rainproof and is well sealed.

2. Where we camp?

Choose a good area to install the tent, this means for example, avoiding floodable zones or looking for a slope. It is also important not to camp just below the trees, especially if there is electric storm. The wind could bring down some branch over us.

3. Dig, dig, dig!

It’s very advisable to dig a gutter about 20 centimeters around the tent to avoid water entering.

4. Stay dry

Don’t forget rain coats and waterproof clothing, for example those made of polyester and an umbrella too.

5. Impossible starting a fire

It’s important to dispose of a camping gas to cook, because starting a fire would be difficult in this situation.

6. Covered cooking area

We must have a canvas or a carp to protect the cooking area.

7. Until the next camp

At home, before storing the tent for the next camp, we must ensure that it’s totally dry. We’ll avoid fungi thrive.
We hope our tips will be useful to you.

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