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8 most original caravans in the world

Today we mix style, trendiness, functionality, design, ecology, innovation… endless features which turns the following caravans into something special. Some of them are already on sale, while others are still prototypes, but with them you’ll be the kings of the campsite and all the eyes will be set on you wherever you go. Ready? Let’s start!

  • camping-roulotte-amfibiaThe amphibian. Now a house trailer, now a boat. It’s a project developed by Sealander enterprise. It’s not really large, but it’s well equipped with the essential things: fridge, kitchen, sink… Everything with a minimalist and slick design. A small engine allows it to sail without trouble on quiet and not very deep waters, becoming its most special feature.  The low consumption engine uses the energy generated during the trips by land to recharge itself. Moreover, a perfect buoyancy is guaranteed thanks to its light weight. And keep calm! There’s no need of licence to sail on continental waters.
  • retro-roulotteThe retro. If you want to remain faithful to the American style, this is your caravan. Airstream releases the Bambi 422 model. Its aesthetics are really peculiar when compared to other current caravans, due to its rounded shapes and its steel finish which reminds us of the sixties and the seventies in the USA.
    On the inside, there’s a bathroom with shower, in addition
    to what we usually find inside a caravan. It’s a very light model,
    with only 1.080 kg of weight.
    A 4×4 vehicle is not needed to tow it.
  • Volkswagen- OublebackThe van-caravan. A caravan which is not what it seems: the Volkswagen Doubleback.
    Thanks to its innovative design, it becomes extensible once we’ve parked it on the campsite or any other place. From its rear part, like a drawer with an electric mechanism, a new space sticks out, extending to twice its original length. This allows for two beds on the inside. The central part then stays free to become a living room with a table and armchairs. Even the roof can be lifted to make the caravan more comfortable.
    Once extended, it can stand up to 600 kg.
    Take a look at how it transforms here.
  • caravana-Teardrop-AlpinaThe mini. The Mini Caravan Teardrop Mediterraneo will allow you to travel fast and comfortable. There’s enough space in the rear part for a kitchen. Little add-ons like the mosquito net on the window or a fan on the ceiling will offer us some extra comfort, as well as a comfortable mattress for two. Small vehicles can easily tow its 250 kg. It’s also designed in an aerodynamic way.


  • caravana-MehrzellerThe futurist. The “polygon” caravan. The Mehrzeller has a cubic design which takes full advantage of its inner space. In it you’ll find the finest form of design and functionality. And what’s more, every costumer can customize its design! (via


  • autocaravana-solarThe solar. We introduce you to Westfalia, the ecological caravan from the Canadian brand Verdier. It’s inspired by the legendary Transporter van from Volkswagen. It has solar panels that unfold, covering its sides, under which you can sit and have a meal with the table and chairs that come with it. On the inside there’s a portable kitchen, wardrobes and stairs to access the upper part, where you can sleep. (via


  • autocaravana-Elemment-PalazzoThe luxury. Exclusivity has also reached the world of camping! We’ve been amazed to discover this luxurious auto caravan, the EleMMent Plazzo RV, the world’s most expensive caravan: 3 million euros! And now we tell you why. It’s without a doubt a mansion on wheels, carried by its 500CV engine. Its 12 metres of length houses a bathroom with all comforts, a living room, a suite, a chimney, a terrace, a bar…. Moreover, Machi Mobile, the manufacturer, has given it an aerodynamic shape which gives
    it a sporty touch. (via
  • roulotte casita de perroThe one for our pet. If your pet is also a camping lover, the house trailer will make it more than happy. It’s made of glass, steel and aluminium. An exact replica of the retro house trailer to travel with us. (via




What do you reckon? Which one of them would you visit us at Camping Mas Nou with?

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