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A toilet which works without water

The innovations in camping world never cease to surprise us! Now is toilets’ turn. From now on we won’t worry to empty the tank and use chemicals.

After 15 years of investigation, Cinderella Toilet has developed an incinerating toilet. It’s the most environmentally friendly and innovative toilet solution.  Yes, you’ve read it right: incinerating! We don’t need sewer connections. Now the wastes will be turned into ashes in just a moment.

How it works? It’s very easy! We only have to put the special Cinderella bag inside and press the button when it’s used. Then the incineration starts. Its size, working and maintenance are perfect for caravans, bungalows, mobile homes…

It has many advantages:
· Easy installation. We only need a ventilation pipe and plug.
· Minimal space required.
· No water is required.
· No sewer connections.
· No chemicals and free of bacteria.
· Odourless.
· No pollution of surface water and other sections of the environment.
· Totally hygienic.

Cinderella Toilet offers four different models: Classic, Comfort, Gas and Motion. Which one of them will you choose for you trips?


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