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The activities don’t stop in Camping Mas Nou!

This summer we are having a great time! The activities at Càmping Mas Nou keep going, and, as usual, we have a wide range of them both for adults and kids to enjoy your stay with us. Moreover, we have a very special master of ceremonies: our pet Pinu, who brings fun to every spot of the campsite.

Night shows and parties outdoor, very refreshing water activities, all sorts of sports and role games… and even magic and live concerts! Here you are a little sample of all we’ve been doing this summer, but we still have a lot of weeks ahead.

Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello4  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello5  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello8  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello3

Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello15  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello12  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello13  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello

Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello11  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello6  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello7  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello10

Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello2  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello9  Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello14 Actividades-camping-mas-nou-castello16

Don’t forget to check the schedule right here.
Will you join us? Which is your favourite activity?

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