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Activities in Roses for this summer

In our latest post we told you about the activities scheduled for this summer at Càmping Mas Nou, which you will be able to enjoy all day long and even at night, to make your stay with us even better. However, today we bring you other activities to discover and enjoy these lands, on top of learning about the history that’s behind them.

The city of Roses has a very important cultural and leisure dynamism. We are very lucky to have it at less than 8 kilometers away from the Càmping, and it’s also very easy to get there by car. Thanks to this wide cultural offer, there’s a wide variety of activities which include from concerts to night visits to the Trinity Castle. Moreover, thanks to being a very touristic city, you will able to enjoy most of the activities in different languages. Here’s the activities schedule, so that you can get a peek on all the possibilities that are waiting for you.

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Slideshow: Rosespèdia, Guia de Roses.

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