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Càmping Mas Nou activities timetable

The new summer season has already arrived at Camping Mas Nou, as usual, it comes with lots of amusement, parties, games… And that’s because together with our pet Pinu we don’t stop working to offer you a great summer.

We have planned many different activities that will really make you enjoy yourselves:

  • During the day there are scheduled activities suitable for all ages, which will end in a night party or show.
  • We will also refresh you with water games and bring to the campsite the festive atmosphere of the Brazil World Cup with the games and activities specific to this event.
  • We will practise sport activities to make you hungry… In short: you won’t get bored during your stay with us.

You can check our activity calendar next. We will update it every day with new events. Don’t miss any of them!

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