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Bungalow or camper?

Going camping is always a great way of spending our holidays next to the ones we love. A camping tent can be our best ally during our short trips, but when travelling with the family for a longer time there’s a choice that often pops up: bungalow or camper? Today from Camping Mas Nou we help you make the best choice according to your needs:


  • Ideal when you travel with a large group and you don’t have a big enough caravan.
  • It’s the closest thing to having your own rustic home. Very appropriated for those who seek the maximum possible comfort.
  • The multiple options in size/price make it affordable for all pockets.
  • They offer more independent spaces than most campers, which sometimes can be very useful, especially if you travel with babies or grandparents.


  • If you travel a lot and also move often, the camper is made for you, as it allows you to move with total freedom.
  • You can sleep every night on “your own home”. Nowadays the spaces inside are very comfortable and able to fit in everything essential in a house.
  • Probably you’ll meet new people during your trips who share a same way of travelling and thinking.
  • When moving to your destination you can make your own timetables and there’s no need to worry about airlines, lost luggage…

What is sure is that, whatever you pick, you will enjoy nature, the outside and great moments with your family and friends. The kids won’t forget a holidays like this! And on top of everything, you can delight with the culture, food and landscapes of the places you visit. At Camping Mas Nou we will be very pleased to welcome you at Castelló d’Empúries.

Have you made up your mind yet? Bungalow or camper?

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