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Getting ready to camp with friends

In previous entries we have given you tips about camping with your family, taking you with you your pet on your trips or ways of having a more comfortable stay at the camp site. This time, from Camping Mas Nou we want to give you some pieces of advice about planning a camping trip with your friends.


It is really important that everyone involved in the trip has updated information an can have his/her say about the planning. This is not very difficult, as if there’s any trouble finding a date to discuss it all together, Internet offers a wide range of tools to communicate the whole group: Facebook, Whatsapp, e-mail…


Once decided when and where to talk about it, the next step is to think how many days is your stay going to last. We recommend you to look for different destination options according to: the length of the trip, the natural and cultural appeal of the location, which activities are available around, etc. Different options will make consensus easier.


With the destiny location chosen, it’s time to make a list with all the material and items you are going to need for your camping stay. It’s also time to decide things such as: which of the expenses are paid between everyone and which ones not, which will be the means of transport, how and what are you going to cook… And don’t forget the activities or visits to make the most out of the trip!


Finally, always bear in mind the civility rules you must respect, such as: camp only where allowed, respect the environment and the surroundings by not leaving rubbish behind, and be extremely careful with camp fires even in suitable areas.
As always, we hope these tips have been useful, and remember: Camping Mas Nou will be opening its door soon for the 2014 season!

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