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Homegrown: wooden sustainable trailer.

The American brand Homegrown put on the market last year a trailer which brings altogether beauty, functionality and sustainability. The adventure lovers will be able to travel with an appealing design model. Nothing is missed! The appearance remembers the wooden houses or bungalows, but in this case, these ones have wheels! Its aerodynamic shape and lightness make it more than others in the market. Its siz ...

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Manual and ecological washing machine

From now on, when you go camping you won’t only press the pedal for accelerate and do kilometers. With the manual washing machine Yirego you can clean clothes manually, ecologically and easily pressing a pedal too. It takes only five minutes to run it. It’s as simple as that: without power supply it will allow you to wash until 2 kg of clothes. Neither you have to worry about the space when you go on a trip ...

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The ecological tourism needs you

It is important to take care of the environment and to practice a sustainable tourism when travelling or camping. Considering little changes of attitude is enough to reduce the environmental impact produced by our activities. From Camping Mas Nou we support a respectful tourism with the environment and that is why today we offer you some interesting curiosities. It is worth reading them in order to reconsid ...

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5 tips to prevent forest fires

Some summers, unfortunately, go accompanied by fires. Some of them are small, but others can destroy a great part of the territory. At Càmping Mas Nou we fully support sustainable tourism, and consequently, the protection of natural areas. Avoiding fires is everyone's responsibility, and by following some easy tips and precautions we'll prevent unwanted scares. Getting informed before practicing any activit ...

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6 symbols to understand recycling

Over the last decades society has become more aware of the need and importance of giving a better treatment to our planet and taking care of our environment. In Càmping Mas Nou we defend sustainable tourism, that's why today we bring you the 6 more common symbols of recycling, to help you understand recycling a little bit more. #1 Mobius loop: This famous symbol informs that the packaging of this product ha ...

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The latest in biodegradable items

It's very easy to practice sustainable tourism and being aware of our responsibility towards the environment. You just have to take into consideration how you can decrease your ecological impact while camping and travelling. That's why, today, from Camping Mas Nou we bring you 3 items which are going to surprise you both for their low cost and their commitment to the environment. BIODEGRADABLE CAMPING TENT  ...

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Green Routes from the Pyrenean to Costa Brava.

Today, from Camping Mas Nou and following our ecological spirit, we suggest you 4 green routes from which you can make on foot or by bike. A really nice way to visit our neighbour lands respecting nature and enjoying de landscape of our territory. The recovery and adaptation of some old train railways in the province of Girona has made for the actual four green routes connecting the Pyrenean ...

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Ecotourism in Costa Brava

The word ecotourism started being used, more or less, thirty years ago. Nowadays, it represents an essential option for the natural and cultural preservation of the places we visit during our trips. From Camping Mas Nou we want to encourage you to practice family ecotourism travelling in natural areas without leaving an impact, with the goal of enjoying and appreciating the natural charms and cultural attra ...

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The most sustainable camping tents

What would you reckon about the idea of sleeping in a camping tent without leaving any footprint on the environment? These types of tents already exist and at Camping Mas Nou we really like them for the way they respect the environment, allowing sustainable tourism. The camping tents we bring to you today auto-supply themselves with enough energy to make devices work without depending on plugs or electricit ...

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Trips by air balloon around the Emporda.

Flying inside the clouds while the most beautiful landscapes pass slowly under our feet, is a privilege reserved only for the birds... and the adventurers of trips by air balloon! We suggest you this unforgettable experience that surely it'll become engraved on your mind and you'll have the opportunity to try at any time of the year. This is an unique adventure to know from the sky all the places of Empordà ...

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