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Camping world magazines

All campers like to be well informed about the latest inventions and news about caravanning world, such as campsites around the world, new gadgets in the market, fairs, meetings… For this reason, we want to share with you a selection of different specialized magazines, both digital and printed from a wide range of countries. Spain: On road magazine Camping Salon M3 Caravaning Supercaravaning & Camping E ...

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Girocamping 2017

From 2 to 5 March Girocamping is back! This year the 5th edition will take place after accumulating successes throughout several years, both in number of visitors and exhibitors. As usual, the fair will be held in Palau de Fires of Girona. The event is unique in Spain and is focused on two audiences: the final consumer and sector professionals.  The visitors will find a wide offer of camping, accessories an ...

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Tips before travelling by camper in winter

Although spring and summer months are great to travel, winter doesn’t scare campers who look for beautiful snowy landscapes. However, we must take into account some advices in order to equip our vehicle for winter weather. Tires: We must check our camper’s tires pressure and ensure they aren’t worn down. Otherwise, you can have an accident during rain, hail or snow conditions. La battery: It’s important to ...

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Safety for your dog travelling by camper

When travelling by automobile, we must follow some safety rules, and the most important is the seat belt. However, what happen if you want to take your pets along with you in a camper? There’s also a regulation, which if we don’t follow, we will have to pay a fine, for example 100€ (if the animal doesn’t wear the proper seatbelt), or 200€ (if the pet sits on your lap while driving, as is considered as a car ...

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Backpacking tips

Wild camping is fun and you can get fantastic and inaccessible locations where campers and roulettes don’t reach. However, the key is to keep your rucksack as light as possible and put your things in the best order to prevent energy consumption and back pain. The following list provides you some tips that can be very useful: It’s important to make a previous list before preparing the backpack. Put your diff ...

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9 gift ideas for campers

Christmas is coming and, as every year, we want to give you some gift ideas for your dear campers or for you. In this article we collect some innovative gadgets and accessories to go camping which we’ve shown in the latest months. For your loyal camper friend Don’t forget to write down on your letter for the three Kings the perfect gift for your pet, for example the Yellowpet tent or BarkerBag sleeping bag, ...

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Camper van ideas

We continue to give you more ideas about camper vans and thus travel comfortably and in the coolest way. In these vans we show, you no detail is missing: shower, sofa, bookshelves, kitchen, bed, canopy... It doesn't matter if your van model is vintage or modern, camper vans have no age, no limits! We'll be happy to see your camper vans in Camping Mas Nou! ...

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Camper vans

We’ve told a lot about different models of caravans and motorhomes. However, there are other ways to take the road and discover the world sleeping on wheels, for example by van. But obviously, we must prepare this vehicle to travel comfortably.  Today we’ll talk about camper vans. There are some considerations to be borne in mind if you already have a van or you want to buy a second-hand van: the size, the ...

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Practical advices for campers

We finish our holidays and we are all looking forward to next summer (“how far away it is!”). But campers enjoy camping at any time of the year, carrying our homes in the caravan or roulottes, or setting up our tent in numerous places in the mountain, for example. It’s for this reason that, before the arrival of the autumn and winter months, we want to collect some advices which we’ve given you previously a ...

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Upcoming caravaning fairs in Europe

Do you want to buy a caravan or a motorhome? Are you looking for the latest caravaning developments? The best family campings? Many fairs in Europe are waiting for you! You'll also find performances for families, gastronomic tastings, outlet zones, and a lot of incredible supplies! Here we list some fairs by country: SPAIN: Saló Internacional del Caravaning a Barcelona, from 15 to 23 October 2016. XXIII Fer ...

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