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Camping on water with Shoal Tent

What can be better than camping under the stars? Do it enjoying the swing of water! It comes into the market the inflatable Shoal Tent, an innovative tent of the Smith Fly company, which has commercialized fishing accessories for ten years. Shoal Tent consists of three air chambers, two at the base and one into the structure. It’s totally waterproof, resistant (also during windy days) and it has practical o ...

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Portable camping barbecues

Camping days are ideal for enjoying outdoor activities with family or friends, moreover if it’s spring or summer time. Barbecue is a fantastic plan in which all can take part, either cooking, preparing food, laying the table or eating what others are preparing! But obviously, going camping means to optimize the baggage, so here we show you four portable barbecues to have all your camping neighbours green wi ...

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Homegrown: wooden sustainable trailer.

The American brand Homegrown put on the market last year a trailer which brings altogether beauty, functionality and sustainability. The adventure lovers will be able to travel with an appealing design model. Nothing is missed! The appearance remembers the wooden houses or bungalows, but in this case, these ones have wheels! Its aerodynamic shape and lightness make it more than others in the market. Its siz ...

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Folding chairs and beds for camping

Every camper knows the importance of luggage volume when go camping, as well as the weight, of course! So we want to share with you some models of folding chairs, hammocks and beds to make your trips more comfortable and lightweight. We hope you like them: This model of backpack, with an incorporated chair, will allow you to have a rest anytime and anywhere: A chair, a hammock, a bed or a tent... it’s aweso ...

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Trailer tents

These are a type of tents which hadn’t been posted in our blog yet and they offer many advantages and comforts: trail tents, a hybrid between a tent and a caravan. Its structure is folded on a trailer that includes, depends on the model, the canvas and other accessories such as furniture, cooking utensils… creating a wide, safe and equipped space. [caption id="attachment_13008" align="alignright" width="200 ...

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Cross-country motorhomes for adventurer campers

It’s enchanting to discover that there are as many styles of motorhomes as campers in the world. Until now, we’ve spoken about minimalist motorhomes, retro style, convertible, luxurious, amphibian… But this time you are going to thrill! The 4x4 world has arrived to caravanning. Today we present you authentic monsters on the road: the cross-country motorhomes. These models of truck, of renowned brands, have ...

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A toilet which works without water

The innovations in camping world never cease to surprise us! Now is toilets’ turn. From now on we won’t worry to empty the tank and use chemicals. After 15 years of investigation, Cinderella Toilet has developed an incinerating toilet. It’s the most environmentally friendly and innovative toilet solution.  Yes, you’ve read it right: incinerating! We don’t need sewer connections. Now the wastes will be turne ...

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Pocket-size washing machine

Doing laundry when we camp or when we spend holidays on camping may seem an arduous task, unless you have the Scrubba Wash Bag. In addition to washing our clothes, it will take the minimum space in our luggage. With the innovative Scrubba campers will be able to wash the clothes anywhere, conveniently and quickly. We dare say that it’s the smallest washing machine in the world, with pocket size and super li ...

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Campers which increase space: slide out system

Camping world stands out, amongst many other things, for the good use of space in both vehicles and camping accessories. Today we focus on some caravans and motor homes which increase their internal space thanks to slide out system, extensible modules with electronic linkage. Let's see some examples: BeauEr 3X This French brand has implemented slide out system both its camper models (3X) and motor homes (3X ...

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Minimalist caravan with infinite possibilities

Travelling by caravan is unequalled experience that allows us to discover any corner of the world, freely and calmly, bringing home on wheels. However, you will need to deal with confined, but resourceful, spaces! The models of caravan we present today not only save all the space, but it is also a good option that offers independent zones according to the necessities. There are numerous of combinations, as ...

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