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Attracted by the Coastal Footpaths that surround our Camping

This specific footpath is called “Camí de Ronda” because of the rounds and guards that patrols used to do some time ago in order to control the coast and stop smuggling.

Costa Brava offers a huge diversity of green and rocky landscapes, wonderful small bays and delightful beaches. Not far from Camping Mas Nou we are lucky to have one of the most significant “Camí de Ronda” of Mediterranean: The Cap de Creus’ footpath.

The Cap de Creus, located in the extreme north of the Costa Brava, offers the most attractive walks of the eastern part of Catalonia. Its mountainous character forms a precipitous littoral, of deep-waters, high cliffs, starks rocks due to erosion and wind, fields and forests on the interior and, of course, little delightful coves of transparent water hidden among a dominant Mediterranean vegetation.

From Camping Mas Nou we encourage you to admire this excellent footpath that goes through the Cap the Creus now that fair weather is already here. A great opportunity to discover and enjoy a wonderful and different landscape!

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