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The coolest camping tents!

Provide your camping holidays with colour

You can find many different types of tents on the market: big ones, small ones, with sunshades, some that you can throw in the air and get assembled by themselves, individual ones, for groups… but none like the ones we are going to show you next.

Normally the designs of the tents are not very noticeable, so that they can blend well with the landscape and don’t end up being too striking. Well, at Fieldcandy they completely break up with that!. This British brand wants to turn over this tents concept and suggests innovative designs that won’t leave no one indifferent.

Tents with watermelons, cows, sheeps, flags of the country you prefer, stamps… Even limited editions created by famous designers! Fashion and design have arrived to the camping world, and they’ve done it in a big way! Moreover, very soon you will be able to order your own designs. You will only need to send them to the brand and wait for them to be printed on your tent!

At Càmping Mas Nou, we will be waiting for you, really eager to discover the most original tent!

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