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Cross-country motorhomes for adventurer campers

Cross-country motorhomes for adventurer campers

It’s enchanting to discover that there are as many styles of motorhomes as campers in the world.

Until now, we’ve spoken about minimalist motorhomes, retro style, convertible, luxurious, amphibian… But this time you are going to thrill! The 4×4 world has arrived to caravanning. Today we present you authentic monsters on the road: the cross-country motorhomes. These models of truck, of renowned brands, have been adapted and transformed to take you to any corner of the world. We’ll be able to cross Antarctica on the ice, the desert, the inhospitable mountains… and offering you the maximum comfort, of course!

Unicat Terracross 55
Made with a Mercedes-Benz Unimog, it has a turbo diesel propulsor 218 CV of power and leather seats for 4-6 people. Inside it’s equipped with a bedroom zone, a kitchen with a stainless steel sink integrated, a fridge with freezer, oven, microwave and a bathroom with a shower.
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Bocklet Dakar 630E
It’s a compact and manageable model which stands for maximum security of its passengers, with safety glass and door with several locks. It’s designed to make adventurers feel like home in any part of the world. No detail is missing: radiant floor, assistant heating, bathroom with shower, 80-litres fridge, gas cooker, double bed of  2×1,40 metres and an additional bed, LED lighting, a big boot at the back…

It has high capacity of water, fuel and electricity to cover long distances away from the civilisation, with nothing to worry about in the world. In addition to a diesel engine of 190 CV, it has four-wheel-drive to avoid getting stuck on any field.

We hope we have aroused your adventurous side, campers!

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