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Ecotourism in Costa Brava

The word ecotourism started being used, more or less, thirty years ago. Nowadays, it represents an essential option for the natural and cultural preservation of the places we visit during our trips.

From Camping Mas Nou we want to encourage you to practice family ecotourism travelling in natural areas without leaving an impact, with the goal of enjoying and appreciating the natural charms and cultural attractions you find there.

But well, what’s the difference between ecotourism and nature tourism? It’s very simple. To be considered as ecotourists, we must:

  • Leave the littlest impact possible on the environment.
  • Have in mind the values of ecology and sustainability.
  • Invigorate local activities and business.

Giving our full support to ecotourism, today we bring you a set of Camping Mas Nou nearby locations where you can practice it visiting natural and interesting spaces such as Els Aiguamolls de l’Empordà, Castelló d’Empúries, o els Jardins Botànics de la Costa Brava.

And you, do you practice ecotourism? Share your experience with us!

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