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Walking routes in Costa Brava

Hiking and on foot trips in nature are a very healthy activity, which may very well be very entertaining to practise whether if it’s along your family, your friends or your couple. Moreover, it’s an activity heavily recommended for winter months because it’s not so hot outside and the walk ends up being nicer.

From Camping Mas Nou we want to share Wikiloc with you, an excellent information resource to look up for walking routes. This website is regularly updated by its users and, besides pointing out the different routes, it also provides information about the degree of difficulty, whom is the itinerary aimed for and which is the most suitable way of transport (on foot, by bike, by motorcycle…) for the trail.

We’ve chosen for you some the closer routes to Castelló d’Empúries:

  • Lakes Route. This tour will take you through the beautiful landscapes of el Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l’Empordà.

We hope you enjoy these routes and share your experience with us 😉

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