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9 gift ideas for campers

Christmas is coming and, as every year, we want to give you some gift ideas for your dear campers or for you. In this article we collect some innovative gadgets and accessories to go camping which we’ve shown in the latest months. For your loyal camper friend Don’t forget to write down on your letter for the three Kings the perfect gift for your pet, for example the Yellowpet tent or BarkerBag sleeping bag, ...

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Camper vans

We’ve told a lot about different models of caravans and motorhomes. However, there are other ways to take the road and discover the world sleeping on wheels, for example by van. But obviously, we must prepare this vehicle to travel comfortably.  Today we’ll talk about camper vans. There are some considerations to be borne in mind if you already have a van or you want to buy a second-hand van: the size, the ...

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Hanging camping tents

We have talk on several occasions about different type of tents, but we can still be surprised! Have a look at the models we show you today, which are suspended up high in the trees or in more dangerous places. Raindrop-Saped Treetents don’t go unnoticed. Its designer, Dré Wapenaar, originally designed them to ease the lives of tree-sitting activists. However, they grab the eye of camping industry. They are ...

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