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Portable camping barbecues

Camping days are ideal for enjoying outdoor activities with family or friends, moreover if it’s spring or summer time. Barbecue is a fantastic plan in which all can take part, either cooking, preparing food, laying the table or eating what others are preparing! But obviously, going camping means to optimize the baggage, so here we show you four portable barbecues to have all your camping neighbours green wi ...

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Folding chairs and beds for camping

Every camper knows the importance of luggage volume when go camping, as well as the weight, of course! So we want to share with you some models of folding chairs, hammocks and beds to make your trips more comfortable and lightweight. We hope you like them: This model of backpack, with an incorporated chair, will allow you to have a rest anytime and anywhere: A chair, a hammock, a bed or a tent... it’s aweso ...

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Trailer tents

These are a type of tents which hadn’t been posted in our blog yet and they offer many advantages and comforts: trail tents, a hybrid between a tent and a caravan. Its structure is folded on a trailer that includes, depends on the model, the canvas and other accessories such as furniture, cooking utensils… creating a wide, safe and equipped space. [caption id="attachment_13008" align="alignright" width="200 ...

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Camping Christmas gift ideas

As every year, we want to help you with Christmas shopping. That’s why we have compiled some gadgets and accessories posted on the blog for camping lovers. Folding portable barbecue Everybody likes eating outdoors, and even more if we organize a barbecue with friends and family members. As we know space is something important when camping, we propose you this folding barbecue. It takes up little space and i ...

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6 Camping accessories for dogs

Dog is the man’s best friend and it’s also a good travelling companion when we go camping.  Like us, it needs accessories for making its trip safer and more comfortable. Here we list some of them that you may find interesting. Portable feeder and drinker: A nylon resistant bag to provide drinking water and food to our dog. It’s light and easy to fold for the transportation or storage. It’s made of a materia ...

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4 of the trendiest camping gadgets

Today, all of you camping lovers, those of you who love spending time outdoors and enjoying nature, you are lucky! At Càmping Mas Nou we like to know everything about the latest trends and be able to show you some original gadgets which can be very useful on your trips. That's why we bring you these 4 surprising items: BarkerBag Holidays are near and you want to take your dog camping with you? Then we recom ...

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