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Backpacking tips

Wild camping is fun and you can get fantastic and inaccessible locations where campers and roulettes don’t reach. However, the key is to keep your rucksack as light as possible and put your things in the best order to prevent energy consumption and back pain. The following list provides you some tips that can be very useful: It’s important to make a previous list before preparing the backpack. Put your diff ...

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First-aid kit for camping

Camping is a great opportunity to enjoy the nature and the open air. However, we must not forget the prevention and including a first-aid kit in the list of things to bring. Here we list what it should contain: Gauzes: it’s better in sterile packages with few units. It is useful to clean the wound, to cover or to stop bleeding. Bandages: in order to cover possible wounds or to hold injured parts of the body ...

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6 tips about what to bring when camping

Planning a trip or a holiday it’s always something fun and exciting. But it’s also true that sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to bring with us, especially if we have to pack lots of things. At Càmping Mas Nou we’d like to make it easier for you. If you’re planning on going camping, we recommend you to bear these tips in mind to avoid missing anything necessary and just focus on enjoying your tri ...

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