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Costa Brava will live intensely Easter Week

From Camping Mas Nou we want you to know the traditions of Costa Brava’s Easter Week so that you make the most of your visit. During this week Christians remember the last days of Christ in earth celebrating different festive events. Nowadays, this religious tradition is intensely celebrated in Sant Hilari Sacalm, Verges and Castelló d’Empúries. Sant Hilari Sacalm The Living Stations of the Cross of Sant Hi ...

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Càmping Mas Nou activities timetable

The new summer season has already arrived at Camping Mas Nou, as usual, it comes with lots of amusement, parties, games... And that's because together with our pet Pinu we don't stop working to offer you a great summer. We have planned many different activities that will really make you enjoy yourselves: During the day there are scheduled activities suitable for all ages, which will end in a night party or ...

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Build your 100% handmade caravan

Many people live camping and nature as a passion, a part of them. That’s what happens with Juan Tomás Arnau an argentinian 56 years old  engineer, which interest in camping and handcrafts moved him to make his own caravan. Juan, with the help of his nephew, took 3 months in finishing the project; after the invest of 2.000 euros in materials and tools to make real his own caravan. Arnau tells that he had to ...

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Passion for the Holy Week in Càmping Mas Nou

  The Holy Week has arrived at Càmping Mas Nou, a period of the year to commemorate the passion, dead and ressurection of Jesuschrist. The towns get adorned for the procession or different actuations and celebrate this important dates. In the text below we will make a tour for 5 interesting suggestions to explore the Holy Week in Girona province. On 18th April the town of Castelló d'Empúries represents ...

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Sant Jordi in Costa Brava

Like every 23rd April we celebrate the diada of Sant Jordi, the patron and lovers day in Catalonia. The tradition issues that the man gifts the woman a rose and she responds with a book as a metaphor of their love. A tradition that goes back to the 15th century and gets popular with the actual liturgy at the beginning of 20th century. The idyllic scene that the Ampurdan spring offers will is the best settin ...

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4 items to camp with babies

We all enjoy some leisure days with the family, and as you already know, camping is one of the best options to free your mind and focus in spending quality time with our loved ones. In case there is a baby in the family, you may have some doubts as to what measures to take and which things you can't forget to take with you to ensure a comfortable and nice trip. That's the reason why at Camping Mas Nou we re ...

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