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Tips before travelling by camper in winter

Although spring and summer months are great to travel, winter doesn’t scare campers who look for beautiful snowy landscapes. However, we must take into account some advices in order to equip our vehicle for winter weather. Tires: We must check our camper’s tires pressure and ensure they aren’t worn down. Otherwise, you can have an accident during rain, hail or snow conditions. La battery: It’s important to ...

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Camper van ideas

We continue to give you more ideas about camper vans and thus travel comfortably and in the coolest way. In these vans we show, you no detail is missing: shower, sofa, bookshelves, kitchen, bed, canopy... It doesn't matter if your van model is vintage or modern, camper vans have no age, no limits! We'll be happy to see your camper vans in Camping Mas Nou! ...

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9 barbecue camping tips

One of the best things about camping is eating in the open air and especially if it’s summer time. That's why the barbecue is usually the protagonist. The charcoal BBQ is the most used but before cooking with this, we must bear in mind some advice and precautions: [dropcap color="#0595AB" font="helvetica" fontsize="20"]1.[/dropcap] Prepare yourself well. Take with you the right kind and quantity of food and ...

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Top Roof Tent

There are people who sleep in trees and others who do it on the roof! Do you know this type of tents? They have their origin in the long voyages of adventures and they are an innovative option that will allow us to sleep safely and comfortably anywhere in the wild. They also adapt to all vehicles. Their functioning is the same of a roof rack or a luggage rack with enough space inside for two people. And, ob ...

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5 basic tips to fight summer heat

The summer is the most long-awaited season of the year, especially because of its holiday period. We love sunny days and hot weather! However, high temperatures can be transformed into an enemy for all the campers. That is why today we want to give you some advices to prevent summer heat in Camping Mas Nou. [dropcap color="#fba90a" font="helvetica" fontsize="23"]1.[/dropcap] [dropcap color="#0595AB" font="h ...

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Bungalow or camper?

Going camping is always a great way of spending our holidays next to the ones we love. A camping tent can be our best ally during our short trips, but when travelling with the family for a longer time there’s a choice that often pops up: bungalow or camper? Today from Camping Mas Nou we help you make the best choice according to your needs: Bungalow Ideal when you travel with a large group and you don’t hav ...

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6 tips about what to bring when camping

Planning a trip or a holiday it’s always something fun and exciting. But it’s also true that sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to bring with us, especially if we have to pack lots of things. At Càmping Mas Nou we’d like to make it easier for you. If you’re planning on going camping, we recommend you to bear these tips in mind to avoid missing anything necessary and just focus on enjoying your tri ...

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3 ecological accessories for camping

Camping is a very healthy practice, and more so if it's done respecting the environment. That’s why we introduce you to some ecological items for your camping experience. USB charger-stove: Biolite offers us a stove that won’t leave you cold. It allows you to cook with fire and, at the same time, charge your gadgets with renewable energy from sticks picked up from the forest soil. Sun lamp: the Bear torch r ...

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Camper Manual (1)

Camping means being in direct contact with nature; it means sleeping surrounded by trees, waking up with the sun light and the birds’ singing. Without doubt, it’s always a relaxing experience. To make the experience even better and be able to fully enjoy the open air, we have some tips for you that will avoid damaging the environment and will also protect your health. Prepare in advance everything you’ll be ...

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