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Safety for your dog travelling by camper

When travelling by automobile, we must follow some safety rules, and the most important is the seat belt. However, what happen if you want to take your pets along with you in a camper? There’s also a regulation, which if we don’t follow, we will have to pay a fine, for example 100€ (if the animal doesn’t wear the proper seatbelt), or 200€ (if the pet sits on your lap while driving, as is considered as a car ...

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Practical advices for campers

We finish our holidays and we are all looking forward to next summer (“how far away it is!”). But campers enjoy camping at any time of the year, carrying our homes in the caravan or roulottes, or setting up our tent in numerous places in the mountain, for example. It’s for this reason that, before the arrival of the autumn and winter months, we want to collect some advices which we’ve given you previously a ...

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Useful tips for travelling with your dog

It’s difficult to distance ourselves from our dog when we plan a travel to camping, even if we only travel for a weekend. This situation should never be a problem so travelling with our dog must become a part of our holidays. We must not forget that the dog is one of the family! In Camping Mas Nou we understand that there are too many campers like you who enjoy the company of a dog, that’s why in our plots ...

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