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Empuriabrava: sailing in the catalan Venice

We can feel like at the beautiful and romantic Venice in the heart of Costa Brava. The coastal village of Empuriabrava has 25 navigable canals which give it a picturesque image, with water streets for neighbours who live in houses with garage, but also with berth and private access to the canal! And who lives around this canals? People of many nationalities who one day fell in love with this charming spot i ...

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Sant Jordi in Costa Brava

Like every 23rd April we celebrate the diada of Sant Jordi, the patron and lovers day in Catalonia. The tradition issues that the man gifts the woman a rose and she responds with a book as a metaphor of their love. A tradition that goes back to the 15th century and gets popular with the actual liturgy at the beginning of 20th century. The idyllic scene that the Ampurdan spring offers will is the best settin ...

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Paintball fields in Costa Brava

This means war!  But with paint balls! Close to Camping Mas Nou you’ll find many paintball fields in which you can have a great time with friends, and even family, as some of them allow games for children between 7 and 13 years old. Playing Paintball you’ll test your sharpness as well as your strategic habilities: endurance and reaching the goal are the key to winning the mission. Hide behind a straw bale o ...

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A visit to Castelló d’Empúries

In many occasions we’ve talked to you about about the appeal of Costa Brava, Girona and the surroundings of Camping Mas Nou. But the town of Castelló d’Empúries also has lots of tourist attractiveness that we help you discover: The town’s history goes back to Medieval Times. The Festival Land of Troubadours, which is held in mid-September, commemorates year after year such a rich period in the history of th ...

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