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Hanging camping tents

We have talk on several occasions about different type of tents, but we can still be surprised! Have a look at the models we show you today, which are suspended up high in the trees or in more dangerous places. Raindrop-Saped Treetents don’t go unnoticed. Its designer, Dré Wapenaar, originally designed them to ease the lives of tree-sitting activists. However, they grab the eye of camping industry. They are ...

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Inflatable objects for camping

When going camping, the less space our luggage takes, the better. When loading our car, van or roulette sometimes it becomes impossible to fit everything inside. That's when inflatable gadgets come in handy! Here are a few very useful ones: -Chair Holidays are a time to rest, to lie down for reading, sleeping, listening to music… A campsite is the perfect place to find  that much needed calm,  and there’s n ...

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A summer full of activities with Pinu

As every summer, at Càmping Mas Nou we have organized loads of activities to make sure the kids don’t get bored, even for a second! From craftworks, board games, ceramic workshops, mobile disco, bingo, table tennis, games in the pool, football and basketball matches, and a long etcetera. This week’s activities are: [one_half] Thursday August 15th 8:30h. Running club (departure from the reception desk) 10:00 ...

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Everyday it’s Fiesta Mayor at Càmping Mas Nou

This week is full of news both at Càmping Mas Nou and Castelló d’Empúries. First of all, we are very happy to announce that Pinu, our pet, has finally arrived. Do you remember him? Well, this year he’s here at real size, so that all the kids that feel like it can approach him, play with him and also take photos of them having fun together. As you can see on the pic, Pinu had great company the day of his off ...

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Historic visit in “Ruïnes d’Empúries”

Have you ever dreamt traveling to Ancient Greece? Or walk through a Roman village? In Costa Brava’s heart, in Sant Martí d'Empúries-L'Escala, and a few kilometers of Camping Mas Nou, there is the unic archaeological site of the Iberian Peninsula where live the remains of a Greek and a Roman city: the “Ruïnes d'Empúries” (Empuries ruins) Greeks named the place "The Emporion", which means shopping center. Thi ...

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Family camping for your relaxing holidays

Camping Mas Nou was set up in 1972. Oriented towards service and designed as a family campsite, it has stuck to its values while constantly improving its facilities and services. The most recent major overhaul was in the 90’s, when significant improvements were made to the quality of services and the facilities were adapted to be as green as possible. These constant updates have earned the site the followin ...

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