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Everyday it’s Fiesta Mayor at Càmping Mas Nou

This week is full of news both at Càmping Mas Nou and Castelló d’Empúries.

First of all, we are very happy to announce that Pinu, our pet, has finally arrived. Do you remember him? Well, this year he’s here at real size, so that all the kids that feel like it can approach him, play with him and also take photos of them having fun together.
As you can see on the pic, Pinu had great company the day of his official arrival and presentation last Friday at the campsite.
Pinu is back and willing to have fun and take part it lots of activities for all to enjoy together, parents and kids. These are he scheduled activities for this weekend:

Saturday August 3rd

  • 9:00h. Cycling club
  • 10:00h. Aquagym
  • 11:00 a 13:00h. Mini Club Pinu. (For kids 4 to 12 years old).
  • 12:00h. Games in the swimming pool.
  • 16:00h. Mini Club Pinu.
  • 17:00 a 19:00h. Adult Football Tournament.
  • 20:00h. Mini Disco
  • 22:00h. Beijing Circus 

Sunday August 4th

  • 10:00h. Mini golf
  • 11:00 a 13:00h: Mini Club Pinu.
  • 12:00h. Games in the swimming pool.
  • 16:00h. Mini Club Pinu.
  • 17:00h. Mini Football for kids.

Finally, we would like to announce that from August 1st to 11th Castelló d’Empúries’ Fiesta Mayor is held. Due to this celebration, many activities have been scheduled, from cultural exhibitions, sport activities, shows for kids, habaneras concerts, fairs and markets amongst others. We invite you to take a look at t he full programme. These festivities so important for Castelló d’Empúries are not to be missed!

Fun is guaranteed this weekend, isn’t it?

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