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The evolution of tents

This week’s post is dedicated to all camping and rest areas lovers. Today we bring you some curiosities about the origins of tents and their evolution throughout history.

The use of these tents goes back much further in time, between Hebrews and Greeks. But its stronger origins were established at the beginning of the 14th century, when tents were used by Arabs to avoid the hot climates typical from desert.

Later, in mid-17th century, tents were only used for war purposes and for feudal protection. In other words, generals, chiefs and senior officers were the only ones with the privilege of sheltering inside the tent, while the other military personnel had to protect themselves under a shack or a hut.

Over the years, tents have become a shelter object for all sorts of social class. As tents are comfortable to handle and made of synthetic and waterproof material, they have turned into an ally for all these people who want the best comfort in the open air and, at the same time, a good isolation inside them.

From Camping Mas Nou we want you to appreciate how times have changed and in what way tents have progressed since their origins. That is why we invite you to visit the most original tents.

And if you are not quite sure that time passes quickly, do not miss the last news in tents and you will see the incredible changes they have suffered.

Which is the kind of tent you prefer to visit us? Share your opinion with us!

Source of images: The Royal Photographic Society Collection at the National Media Museum

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