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Geocaching in Costa Brava

Costa Brava hides, without a doubt, beautiful and endless corners. Besides, there are some treasures that you can find out while you practise something that it’s possible you don’t know: geocaching.

What’s Geocaching?
It’s an outdoor game which consists in looking for hidden treasures in every part of the world, city or countryside, with the help of a GPS. The coordinates are given to the seekers, or geocachers, in order to look for hidden geocaché or treasures. All this information can be found on the web page

There is always a notebook with the treasures. You can write down your name and the date. Furthermore you can leave messages and objects to exchange. You will be surprised by the different types of treasures that exist: curious, small, tiny, historical… And be careful! They can be hidden in strange and unusual places: inside a tree, buried, inside a stone, in a lamppost…


Near Camping Mas Nou hundreds of treasures are waiting for you, ready to be discovered while you enjoy Costa Brava, practising hiking, cycling, with the whole family… Geocaching fascinates both children and adults!

Tell us which treasures you’ve find out in Costa Brava.




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