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Girona Fairs 2013: 5 activities you can’t miss

From October 25th to November 3rd 2013 the famous Girona Fairs will take place. During these days Girona dresses for a party to celebrate the festivities of its patron, Saint Narcis, and the streets get filled with activities for the own and the foreign. From Camping Mas Nou we want to recommend you 5 activities you can’t miss:

1. Dance of the giants

To start the Fair, nothing better than attending de Dance of the giants which will take place on Friday 25 at 19.30 at Plaça del Vi, half an hour before the speech that officially inaugurates the celebrations. An amazing show both for the older and younger ones in which the giants will dance to the rhythm of the music and the joy. Get the party started!

2. Castles Day

Nothing better than getting the most out of these festive days to enjoy one of the most popular Catalan tradition: castles of people. On Sunday 27th at 11.30, at Plaça del Vi too, you’ll be able to witness the spectacular castles by Marrecs de Salt, Capgrossos de Mataró and Minyons de Terrassa.

Font: Ajuntament de Girona     Font: Ajuntament de Girona

3. Girona has heart

Solidarity is one of the protagonists of the Girona Fairs 2013. As a sample, you can attend the event organised by Carites Girona: “Help us prove Girona has heart”. From 19.30 onwards on Friday November 1st the stairs of the Cathedral will be full of lightened candles in an event with heart.

4. Popular and traditional games

One of the most fun family activities held is the Traditional and popular Catalan games: sacs, ninot, olla, cursa de rucs, anella amb ruc, estira la corda… In addition to sharpness games with the bow. Parents and their children will have a great a time! The act is organised by the company l’Anònima on October 26th at Parc del Migdia on 11.30.

Font: Ajuntament de Girona     Font: Ajuntament de Girona

5. Fairs, exhibitions and fairgrounds

Streets are where the Girona Fairs are most lived: fairs and exhibitions fill the city with craftsmanship, fun, colours and typical products such as clothes and food. Moreover, the fairground on the park Devesa will delight children and the most daring!

Is this not enough for you? Check the full schedule here.

Which activity are you not going to skip?

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