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Girona’s funfair 2015

From the 23th of October to the 1st of November, Girona’s citizens, and all who visits the city, will be able to enjoy a unique Sant Narcís Funfair, where some changes have been included this year. Over 200 activities are scheduled in order to ensure the equal enjoyment by everyone, whatever their age.

Cartell-Fires2015Here we highlight part of the programme:

  • More than 30 family and children’s activities: concerts for kids, puppets, games, performances, circus, a gymkhana, adventure circuit… It’s impossible to get bored!
  • Concerts: as headliners we find La Pegatina, Noa, Rosendo, Molotov, Els Catarres, Jukebox… There will be a total of 60 concerts in 7 stages for all tastes.
  • Day of Castellers: authentic popular performance with Marrecs de Salt, Minyons de Terrassa and Capgrossos de Mataró (on Sunday 25th October at 11am. Plaça del Vi.)
  • 1€ fairground amusements: on Tuesday 27th October at 5pm every fairground amusements will have a cost of 1€.

But that’s not all! One castanyada, exhibitions, theatre plays, butifarra championship, a morning full of sports, popular and solidarity dinner, Gegants’ procession, a fair parade…

As you can see, in those ten days you have an appointment in Girona full of fun. Here you can read the complete programme. 




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    Hey, I visited this funfair and must say that it was a wonderful experience as i enjoyed it thoroughly. Would love to visit it again! Another funfair which my friend suggested is GoClute. You can do many other activities in GoClute funfair.


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