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Manual and ecological washing machine

lavadora-portatil-ecologicaFrom now on, when you go camping you won’t only press the pedal for accelerate and do kilometers. With the manual washing machine Yirego you can clean clothes manually, ecologically and easily pressing a pedal too.
It takes only five minutes to run it. It’s as simple as that: without power supply it will allow you to wash until 2 kg of clothes.
Neither you have to worry about the space when you go on a trip, it only measures 56 cm.

lavadora-portatilHow it works?
– Put the clothing
– Introduce detergent
– Fill with 5 litres of water
– Press the foot pedal to activate the washer drum (it requires only five minutes).
– Empty the water with a bottom and fill again for the rinse cycle.
– Like a colander for vegetables, the centrifugal movement will discharge the excess of water.

When its manufacturer says that it’s an ecological washing machine, he refers to:
– Its use: it wastes less than 80 % of water and detergent. Besides, it doesn’t need power supply.
– Its manufacture: it’s made of 40% recycled materials.

The washing machine Yirego will be commercialized by mid 2016 but now you can place an order one.



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