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Motor Caravan’s Evolution

For all the motor caravan lovers out there, today we bring you some curious facts about the origins and the evolution of this vehicle which gives us so many great moments during our trips.


At the beginning of the 20th Century the car was already quite popular among families on the American roads. But not much time went by without someone, out of the need of travelling with the family, created the motor caravan.
This picture published in a magazine on 1909 shows a family on their “motor home”.



The arrival of engines made a huge difference. Firstly, because horses pulling carts where replaced in favour of cars. And that’s when people started “tweaking” their cars to make travelling easier.
In this 1913 picture we can see how the bed was located on a side, allowing a better use of the interior space.



With the passing years and the evolution of technology, motor caravans lived a great moment during the 60s.
As we can see in this pic, the chassis was dramatically improved as comfort did as well. These models already adapt bedroom, kitchen and toilet, while also equipped with a good air circulation and heat system.



Around these dates, Volkswagen didn’t want to be less, and entered the motor caravan world with a prototype which got wide acceptance and is still regarded as one of the brands’ icons and one of the most popular motor homes.

But from Camping Mas Nou we want you to see how times have changed and how motor caravans have evolved. That’s why we invite you to take a look at the world’s most innovative vans.

You can also take a look at the 8 most original caravans and see for yourself how sometimes breaking with the ordinary can be fascinating.

And you? Which motor caravan do you us to visit us? Share a picture with us!

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