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Museum of Miniatures and Microminiatures

We know there are all kinds of museums and for all tastes but, without a doubt, the Museum of Miniatures and Microminiatures leaves spectators astounded.

It’s in the medieval village of Besalú, located at 40 minutes by car from Camping Mas Nou. In the museum, which is a private collection of the jeweller Lluís Carreras, you’ll see things with the help of a magnifying glass and a microscopic. You will think that’s impossible! In this museum display tiny works of special artists. To sum up, it’s another reality in a very small scale.

microminiatures-besaluFigures inside a nut shell, on the end of a pin, on the insect wing, inside a seed… Behind that, there is the work of artists from all parts of the world: Russian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Belgium, French, Spanish…

In the permanent exhibition, with over 5.000 pieces, you’ll be able to find miniature recreations of old times. There are also tiny objects made with different materials and techniques inside little objects. And at the end of the exhibition you’ll need a microscope to admire the works! That’s because pieces are 100.000 times smaller tan reality. All in all, it’s a precision and perfection world that will amaze you.

museu-miniatures-4And you’ll ask yourself: How it’s possible? A select group of people have an uncanny ability to create miniatures, thanks to a careful control of pulse and breathing. Artists use apneas to create their works, which means without breathing!

So, if you want a big experience with tiny things, visit Museum of Miniatures and Microminiatures. Highly recommended for children too!

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