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Newest camping tents

As you already know, the camping world is constantly evolving, and that’s why today we bring you the latest and most original designs in camping tents. They will surely surprise you!

bikamper2Bikamper: we suggest this perfect combination between transport and shelter. A blending bike and camping tent which even has windows to let you look at the stars at night. A great suggestion for nature lovers and the most adventurous.


respite3Respite: useful mix between a hammock and a camping tent which becomes the ideal solution for camping as it provides you with a place to relax during the day and another to rest at night. The best about it is that there is no need for extra items, as Respite is a 2×1. For the moment being it’s just a design by Ryan Heiser… we hope it gets released soon!


decagon tent

Decagon tent: perfect for camping with the WHOLE family. The latest trend in Japan are these chained camping tents with which you can put together as many different units as you need to make room for everyone or have extra storage space.


the cave tentThe Cave: every camper’s dream. It’s an inflatable tent which can be assembled in less than a minute. Moreover, it’s waterproof and resists winds up to 120 km/h. You can pump it with a conventional pumper and it’s as easy to flatten as it would be with an airbed: you just need to open the valves to let the air go out.


¿Which one do you think is the most useful? At Camping Mas Nou we’ll be delighted to welcome you next season and hear about your experiences with these special tents!

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