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Passion for the Holy Week in Càmping Mas Nou


The Holy Week has arrived at Càmping Mas Nou, a period of the year to commemorate the passion, dead and ressurection of Jesuschrist. The towns get adorned for the procession or different actuations and celebrate this important dates. In the text below we will make a tour for 5 interesting suggestions to explore the Holy Week in Girona province.

On 18th April the town of Castelló d’Empúries represents the Alive Viacrucis, where 100 of amateur actors from the village show how the was the dead of the son of God across the historic downtown.

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In the fortified town of Besalú, from the 12th to 21st April we can visit the Iron Festival.  The the best blacksmiths of Catalonia work with the iron on the traditional way. Sparks and red hot iron are the principal ingredients of this medieval festival.

Every Easter Friday the Manaies of Girona go through the Old Borough streets, roman legionaries that represents the Procession of Holy Burial. A procession where the sounds of ringing spears, drums and bass drums doesn’t stops during 2 hours.

The most curious and terrifying procession of the province of Girona is the Procession of Verges. Known wolrdwide, has his origins in the 1666 and the most waited moment is the Dance of the Death. With the streets iluminated with torches the actors dance wearing terrorific skeleton dresses and carrying scythes.

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For finishing and sweetening a little bit this festivities we suggest to visit the Market of Brunyol of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. In this market celebrated from 18th to 20th April, we can taste this typical candy of Holy Week, where 300 kg are share out. A sweet final for our tour for the festivities of the Holy Week.

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