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Pocket-size washing machine

Doing laundry when we camp or when we spend holidays on camping may seem an arduous task, unless you have the Scrubba Wash Bag. In addition to washing our clothes, it will take the minimum space in our luggage.

With the innovative Scrubba campers will be able to wash the clothes anywhere, conveniently and quickly. We dare say that it’s the smallest washing machine in the world, with pocket size and super light (it only weighs 140 grams). It consists on washing the clothes by hand whether if you do in a plugged sink, but far more convenient and hygienic.

You only need to follow six steps:

  1. Add water, detergent and clothes.
  2. Remove the excess air from the bag, roll down top at least and clip ends.
  3. Deflate opening cap to expel air.
  4. Press down and rub clothes (30 seconds for a quick traveller wash or for 3 minutes for a machine quality wash).
  5. Unclip and unroll the bag and remove dirty water.  Rinse clothes with fresh water.
  6. Dry the clothes with its Scrubba Wash and Dry kit and by wrapping and pressing the clothes in its towel.

Just we can hang out clothes!
You can find different models in the web.

We remind you we explained in a previous post about the washing machine Yirego, which works with centrifugal force pressing a foot pedal. In 5 minutes, clothes will be cleaned, drained and ready to hang out. It’s ecological both for its use (it works without electricity and wastes very little water) and also for the recycled material which is made, 40%.

Campers, now you have no excuse. The washing machine may come camping with you without a problem!

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