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Proposals to know Roses throughout its history this summer.

Near Camping Mas Nou, only at 20km, you can take a journey through history. Different characters will explain you this summer the history of the city of Roses: the Ancient Greeks trace during the IV siècle b.C., Romans, the Middle Age, the Renaissance period….

In the Citadel (Cultural Asset of National Interest) and in the Trinity Castle you can take part in familiar activities, workshops, guided tours…

Citadel, a walk through history
An archaeological site of 12 hectares allows you discover the remains of the ancient Greek colony of Rhodes, Roman remains, medieval town and the impressive Renaissance fortification.

Trinity Castle, a fortified viewpoint
The visit to this monument, recently opened to the public, brings us into the 16th century, with the best views of the Bay of Roses.

Family Workshops
La mochila de milhojas: you’ll discover how Greek children, Romans, monks and soldiers lived and which the most popular games of the era were.
Safari en el museo: clue game in order to find out the hidden animals of the Citadel museum.
El juego del Castillo: clue game to find out the castle’s enigmas and the history of those who lived there. An activity to do with family and friends.

Also you can participate in these guided tours through Roses’ history:
Guided Tours to the shelter
Roses was bombed during Spanish Civil War. You’ll enter in an air-raid shelter and enjoy a guided visit in which you’ll know how was the city during those years.
Megalithic Route
Guided tour of about 2 km that covers the most important menhirs and dolmens of this town.

Enjoy it!

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