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The smallest caravans in the world

The caravanning world won’t stop surprising us, and for the prove take a look at the caravan models we unveil today, they are the smallest caravans in the world!

Have you ever heard of the “Downsizing” trend? Its goal is to reduce the vehicles’ cubic capacity, and in the case of caravans, to make them so small they can be towed by low range cars or even quads and bikes!

The Deutsch brand Dethleffs presents:

  • Dethleffs MiniglobeDethleffs Miniglobe 2.0: It weights 280 kg and has room for 2 people. Conceived to be towed by a motorbike or a quad. Its’ price: around 2,800€. Very suitable for those who love driving on two wheels for miles and need a rest to keep going.


  • Dethleffs BikerDethleffs Biker: With a weight of 80kg it’s so light that it can even be carried by a bike. 2.40m long, 1.10 wide and 1.45 high. It’s still a prototype. There’s a folding bed inside for two, a folding table and a small kitchen with gas stove and a sink. A mini fridge can be installed too.


  •  Piaggio APE MOCAPiaggio APE MOCA: This is a compact pick-up. Made up by a mini-cabin with engine and a habitable cell, with a total weight of 175kg. Suitable for two people and only reaches 60km/h. Its’ dimensions: 1.5m wide and only 2.55m long.



Camp Runner Europe
 mixes style and design in their mini-caravans:

  • Mini Caravana Teardrop Mediterrane: for those who love retro style, this model will allow them to travel fast and comfortable. There’s space for a kitchen in the rear. Details like a mosquito net or a ceiling fan serve as extra comfort, as well as a mattress for two. Its’ 250 kg make it possible for it to be towed by small vehicles. It also has an aerodynamic design.

caravana Teadrop Mediterrane

As we told you folks: A huge garage is not necessary to keep our caravan! We hope you liked our suggestions. If you end up picking one, we’ll be delighted to see you in Camping Mas Nou! 🙂


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