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We start off the year on the right foot!

After Christmas holidays and lots of nougats, New Year’s resolutions are just here. Among these resolutions we can find the typical expression “this year I will start exercising regularly to lose some weight”. In Camping Mas Nou we are aware of the importance and the benefits of sport in our daily lives. And that is why today we bring you some activities that you can do in la Costa Brava to reduce those extra kilos.


If you love nature and you are a bicycle enthusiast this is the perfect activity for you! By practising this sport you can set the pace, choose the tour and start the excursion when you prefer. Also, it allows you to carry the tent or stay in the accommodations that you will find in your way.


If you prefer to get off the bicycle and start walking without haste, practise hiking! La Costa Brava offers you a lot of excursions and itineraries to discover the hidden paths and the wilderness close to the Mediterranean beaches and coves. Take photos, breathe and walk at your pace!


If you are an adventurous person, an extreme sport lover and you like risk, you have everything to jump straight into the adventure with the activities that la Costa Brava proposes you! Stare at the wonderful landscape of Catalunya from the heights; experience the horse riding throughout natural and splendid paths; or follow the course of a river with its ravines and obstacles. Lots of options are waiting for you!

What do you think about the activities that we propose you from Camping Mas Nou? The best way to start achieving the resolutions for this year 2015!

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