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The latest in biodegradable items

It’s very easy to practice sustainable tourism and being aware of our responsibility towards the environment. You just have to take into consideration how you can decrease your ecological impact while camping and travelling. That’s why, today, from Camping Mas Nou we bring you 3 items which are going to surprise you both for their low cost and their commitment to the environment.

tienda-campaña-biodegradableBIODEGRADABLE CAMPING TENT 

Vanessa Harden came out with the idea for this tent. She’s a Canadian designer who is very sensible towards the amount of non-biodegradable waste that is often generated in events with lots of campers. This tent, made of cardboard is sprayed with plant seeds to ease their growing once the biodegradation starts. It is also water-proof, as it has been recovered with bee wax and a cellophane cover.

zapatos-biodegradablesBIODEGRADABLE SHOES 

The Spanish company 01M OneMoment took inspiration from the rain-forest native Amazonians, who painted the soles of their feet with natural latex from Hevea trees to make their journeys easier. Adapting it to the new times, 01M OneMoment has created an ultra light shoe for kids and adults with biodegradable fabric in a smart combination of technology and sustainability.


Argos Green have expressed their concert about environmental impact on our planet and have released a new Green range with all of its products being made with eco friendly raw materials. Their biodegradable dinner service has been created with sugar cane, wood, and biodegradable plastic, which can decompose even when there’s no water around.

With all these items, there’s no excuse for not being respectful to the environment when camping. Don’t forget that we are about to start the new 2014 season!

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