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Tips to camp with your dog

It is said that the dog is the man’s best friend. For this reason, it’s legit that we want to take him with us during our holidays. If you’re thinking of camping with your pet, below you’ll find some tips and practical info that will make your travel and stay much easier:



Before you hit the road it’s essential to check that dogs are allowed at your camping and holiday destination. Moreover, make sure there’s a vet near where you’re staying, just in case your pet needs anything.
For you own calmness, it’s basic that your dog has its location chip with your contact details so you can reunite easily in case he gets lost.


1430324_51633513bisTHE TRIP

Your pet should feel safe and comfortable in the car. Items like travelling bags for pets will be useful. It’s important that the animal gets used to travelling by car to avoid him getting nervous; we recommend some short trips around home so he becomes familiar with it. And remember, dogs, the same as people, need rests during trips to stretch their legs, eat, drink and relieve themselves.




Once at your destination, make sure the dog feels at home. Taking his toys, pillow or blanket with him will help him adjust to the new environment.
As a practical advice,  we suggest a fun and useful foldable food and drinking bowl, especially designed to feed your animal while away from home.

You should maintain his usual diet to avoid possible digestive diseases. Feeding and hydration are very important.

As you already know, at Camping Mas Nou dogs are allowed to stay at our camping plot zone. For this reason we welcome you… and your pets!

We hope this information is useful for you and hope to see you soon at Camping Mas Nou!

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